Always highly focused at work
– the engineering team of SECKLER.

A continuous enhancement
– the SECKLER story.

Celebrate with us – 40 years of SECKLER.

A big family, always at service for the customer
– the SECKLER team.

For treasure hunters – career at SECKLER.

40 years for the future. With SECKLER.

SECKLER has been successfully designing and building automation systems for the automobile industry for more than 40 years. In particular, SECKLER has made a name for itself and gained a global foothold with high-precision handling systems in the booming market of diesel injection.

Another Segment, in which SECKLER AG has positioned itself well in its last years, is in the watch industry, which counts more and more in the automation of the manufacturing processes. With innovative niche-solutions such as painting robots, SECKLER paintero, a painting system for small parts has astonished the challenging industry.

No question – Full customer satisfaction. With SECKLER.

Not just in the occasion of the jubilee, but rather from its deepest inner philosophy to develop itself further, SECKLER has started a detailed client survey beginning of 2015.

In the overall appearance it came out, that close to 60% were satisfied and even 30% of all the clients were very satisfied – a satisfaction quote of over 90%.

We thank all the customers for their trust and their active involvement to our client survey.

It has shown that the larger part of the clients place great importance to product quality, 52% are satisfied and 39% very satisfied. The result of the question about the product reliability has shown almost the same conclusions.

Only one quarter of our customers knew the new SECKLER products, SECKLER robomation and SECKLER paintero.

With our customer service and our field support, which we classify as very important, at least 80% of the customers are satisfied to very satisfied. Their competence, kindness and reliability were rated even higher.

In the future we want to work on our reaction times, the transparency of our offers and its accordance to the specification sheet.

Even if only 10% of our customers work with representations, their satisfaction is high.

Generally we can say that in all points about the kindness and interactions, we have achieved a higher than 90% satisfaction quote. Out of this we conclude that the cooperation with us is fun. We therefor would like to give the compliment back to our customers.

Celebrate with us – 40 years of SECKLER

At the July 3rd 2015 with all our employees their partners our jubilee trip took place.

We took the train from Biel to Môtiers. Under expert leadership, Mauler introduced us in to the production of sparkling wine ( After the tour of course, we could degust several sparkling wines.

At the "Six Communes" ( we ate lunch and went back towards Neuenburg by train. In Neuenburg we boarded a ship and floated under best weather conditions comfy towards Biel.

It was a magnificent trip. Everybody enjoyed it a lot to accompany each other from a different angle beside the working walls.