40 years of SECKLER.

Seckler paintero – the flexible
paint booth for your valuable items.

SECKLER sandero – the flexible
micro sandblasting system for your parts.

Always a good motive – tradeshows and events. With SECKLER.

SECKLER modulo – the modular handling system
for complex production processes.

A strong competence – 
the project planning. By SECKLER.

SECKLER deburo – the deburring system
for various parts.

SECKLER – your inspiration in automation.

SECKLER is a global, Swiss-based manufacturer of individually designed automation systems in the field of handling technology. Our main activity is the development and manufacture of fully-automated machines to mass-produce high-precision components, especially in dirty and wet environments.

The company‘s 40-year history demonstrates our long experience and broad expertise in special-purpose engineering. SECKLER possesses standardised, patented and also highly unique system solutions. Our modular machines are designed to be very flexible, and their long lifetime, low service costs and re-usability are particularly impressive.

SECKLER sandero – the newly designed flexible micro sandblasting system for high-end surface treatment of your parts. 

SECKLER – always a suitable arrangement for your needs – with a part range of a few grammes up to several kilos. 

SECKLER – quality in the complete manufacturing process for highly complexes customer wishes. 

With extremely high system reliabilities, service is normally no subject. We offer it, nevertheless.