Always highly focused at work
– the engineering team of SECKLER.

A continuous enhancement
– the SECKLER story.

Celebrate with us – 40 years of SECKLER.

A big family, always at service for the customer
– the SECKLER team.

For treasure hunters – career at SECKLER.

Competence in all layers. Always available for you – the SECKLER Team.

We at SECKLER are very happy to welcome you and would like to introduce ourselves virtually to you in person as shown below.

We will try our best to suit your requirements, not just in technical aspects, but especially also with personality and loyalty, kindness and discretion.

We encourage you to contact us and profit from the possibility of direct connection by phone or E-Mail.

The Management Committee. Of SECKLER.

Leadership means to continuously motivate the team to offer highest efficiency. This allows us to give our customers our total and undivided attention and maximum capabilities. It also means to keep a keen eye on the market as well as customers in order to guarantee economic growth based on efficiency and quality. The Management Team of SECKLER is living these values every day for the benefit of the company.

The sales group. Of SECKLER.

Efficient and highly qualified marketing and technical sales activities are the key to support our valued customers in every area of expertise. The highly efficient consulting of our customers based on our experiences, assures qualified solutions to their inquiries. Our highly skilled Marketing and Sales Team consists of qualified engineers of technical experience and excellent market knowledge.

The service team. Of SECKLER.

The recognition of good service is, if you don’t notice it. Service indicates to think with foresight for the customers, to keep the current systems up to date, to be on site when needed, or to provide fast response times if it escalates.

Service is the strength from which we can receive constant feedback from our conversations with the costumers, to remain at their pulse, to understand their requirements and needs.

SECKLER will remain available for their costumers, also after the system has been sold.