Always highly focused at work
– the engineering team of SECKLER.

A continuous enhancement
– the SECKLER story.

Celebrate with us – 40 years of SECKLER.

A big family, always at service for the customer
– the SECKLER team.

For treasure hunters – career at SECKLER.

Our reputation precedes us. Stability and presence. From SECKLER.

The name SECKLER represents since 40 years the highest quality and precision in the special mechanical engineering. Creative approaches also on complicated tasks have produced innovative machine concepts over and over again. In this way modular solutions and standardized machines like SECKLER modulo, SECKLER deburo, SECKLER sortero, SECKLER robomationSECKLER paintero and SECKLER sandero were created.

In the Swiss location Pieterlen with 30 employees approx. 50 systems per year, in the value between 50,000 and 1 million Swiss francs, are designed, produced, delivered and put into operation.

The management of SECKLER does not represent the usual growth strategy, but is calibrated on consolidation – to be able to always supply the highest quality for the customer. With their 30 employees they have achieved the optimum size, to be able to react flexible to the most different market situations and customer wishes. Also they are big enough to raise suitable energy for more extensive projects.

The SECKLER AG would like to guarantee a long term safe job for their employees and be available in the future for their customers, always with constant reliability and precision.


SECKLER is your first address for individual high-end production automation.


The aim of SECKLER is to concentrate upon the core business, the achievement of systems in the production automation, handling technology and in the customized mechanical engineering. SECKLER wants to create an ideal sphere which promotes and supports successful relations with the employees and the customers. SECKLER wants to gain a healthy profitability to promote new developments as well as to guarantee a steady advancement of the SECKLER AG.