Zero-failure-tolerance with extremly reliable systems
– competence in the automotive-/transport industry. By SECKLER.

Highest precision and process reliability
– competence in hydraulics/pneumatics. By SECKLER.

Pure and clean parts and clean room compatible
– competence in the medical engineering departement. By SECKLER.

High flexibility and low retooling effort
– competence in the consumer product industry. By SECKLER.

Soft handling for visual perfection
– competence in the watch-/jewelry industry. By SECKLER.

Highest quality as demand. Distinctions and certificates. For SECKLER.

The best is just good enough for the SECKLER AG. Hence, all employees are always to be done justice on it straightened to the extremely demanding customers. Hence, in 2005 THE ISO certification took place for the first time and since then we have passed every year our recertification- or maintenance audits. Besides, in 2011 the Viflow system of the ISO processes was introduced.

"I have never experienced personally an enterprise with only 30 employees which is structured so well and is organized absolutely perfect. The project management is model-like certainly."
Dr. Walter Jocher (Senior Consultant in KPMG)