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Why do you need a preventative maintenance contract? From SECKLER.

Operational Reliability

The reliability from machine tool in production environment is extremely important. Preventative maintenance increases the operational reliability or in other words reduces down time.

Reduction in costs

A preventative maintenance carried out by a qualified specialist reduces the repair costs and down-time to a minimum. Maintenance makes it possible to find wear on the machine before it causes excessive damage.

Consultancy support

The regular visit of a SECKLER service technician enables you through repeated instructions to reduce the false manipulation of our unit to a minimum. In addition we keep you regularly informed about our latest news.

Risk reduction

Service subscriptions like insurance are based on the principle of risk reduction, which always results in a financial advantage for you.

Your ideal preventative maintenance contract. From SECKLER.

The SECKLER AG offers you many different contracts, which can be designed and changed to meet your needs and requirements. The maintenance contract will be carried out from our service department. Depending on the type of contract, preventative maintenance can be scheduled at least once or up to four times a year.

Contract „Inspection“

FRL, filter, oil stand, pipes/tubes, silencers, cylinder, end position dampening, connections etc. check of wear and replacement if necessary

Cables, interfaces, proximity switches, handbox, electric cabinet, cooling units etc. control and replacement if necessary

Axis lubrication, running axis, pinion clearance, screws/nuts/bolts, gripper unit, seals, buffers/stoppers, dampers, bearing etc. check of wear and replacement if necessary

Industrial cleaning

Contract „Tuning“

Optimal tuning, if necessary re-teaching of all positions, test run.

A fair proposal. Worldwide preventative maintenance. From SECKLER.

For a specific offer, please contact our After-Sales Service. With pleasure we present to you a suitable offer.