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SIAMS 2024

SIAMS in brief

As a trade fair, SIAMS represents the entire production chain of microtechnology – from design and raw materials to the means of production and assembly, components, the subcontracting industry, and related activities.

The fair takes place in Moutier, in the heart of the Jura region and its technical industry, every two years. It responds to the needs of SMEs active in the fields of micromechanics, microtechnology, and micro-mechatronics.

At this fair of all microtechnology sectors of Switzerland, almost 50 % of the SIAMS exhibitors are from its German-speaking part.

A veritable European crossroads of European and worldwide precision technology, the 2016 event attracted trade and business professionals from 41 countries.

More than 80 % of the 2016 exhibitors moreover said they would also like to participate in this veritable technology crossroads that SIAMS has turned into in 2018.

GrindingHub 2024

The new hub of international grinding technology

GrindingHub is the new international centre for grinding technology and superfinishing. The trade fair’s focus is on all aspects of value creation in this technology area.  Centre stage is taken by grinding machines, tool grinding machines and abrasives. All of the relevant software tools, the process periphery, and the measuring and testing equipment needed for QM processes relating to grinding are presented, keeping the entire production environment of grinding technology in view.

The internationally oriented trade fair starts with a hybrid concept. Accompanying the event and also between events, GrindingHub offers digital formats for match making, web seminars, conferences as well as the communication of current trends and innovations across all channels.