SECKLER sortero – the classification system
for various sorting processes.

SECKLER sortero – 100% control and
safety without part mix-ups.

SECKLER sortero – 
precise sorting even in the μ-sector.

SECKLER sortero – 
fast retooling with similar parts.

SECKLER sortero – high availability
and productivity in a 24/7 business.

In a class of its own – SECKLER sortero.

The demand for automatic classification machines has been rising for years. There are many different reasons for this, all arising from the technical development of various production processes. Examples include Hard-Coat anodising of items that cannot undergo secondary machining, or centerless grinding. The need for high productivity and rapid mass production represents a market trend that will make automatic classification machines even more necessary in the future.

  • Exact sorting to micro precision
  • High productivity, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... ­
  • 100% inspection and reliability – parts cannot be mixed up ­
  • Fast retooling for similar parts ­
  • High availability of systems ­
  • Tailored, customer-oriented solutions ­
  • Highly economical systems – rapid ROI ­
  • Technological details handled in the strictest confidence ­
  • CE marked and ISO 9001 certified

Sorting and classifying – putting everything in order.

Essentially, automatic classification machines are required to sort items precisely according to defined features or dimensions, for example colour, shape, size, hardness, weight or surface quality. The aim is to select precise components with the correct dimensions and meeting all requirements. Classification is often an important preliminary step before further processing, assembly or distribution logistics.

The SECKLER sortero is an intelligent, high-precision automatic classification machine that gives you the freedom to specify the number of classes, the class width and the manufacturer of the measuring instruments. A wide range of measuring systems is available. Callipers are used to take mechanical measurements. In the case of contactless measurements, optical or pneumatic scanning processes are used.

A fully automated pallet transfer system is available as an option. The portal robot loads the class conveyors with empty pallets from the supply conveyor.

All automatic classification machines are designed and optimised using the latest 3D CAD in the development process.

Example: Selecting on the basis of outer diameter.

A twin measuring stand is used to cut the cycle time in half by allowing two parts to be measured simultaneously in a single step. The measuring technology is based on the scanning principle, whereby a pneumatic ring gauge passes over the cylindrical part of the item and measures around 200 points.