Zero-failure-tolerance with extremly reliable systems
– competence in the automotive-/transport industry. By SECKLER.

Highest precision and process reliability
– competence in hydraulics/pneumatics. By SECKLER.

Pure and clean parts and clean room compatible
– competence in the medical engineering departement. By SECKLER.

High flexibility and low retooling effort
– competence in the consumer product industry. By SECKLER.

Soft handling for visual perfection
– competence in the watch-/jewelry industry. By SECKLER.

More than 2000 SECKLER systems in operation worldwide

With over 2000 delivered systems world-wide, SECKLER is part of the market leaders in production of high precision handling system and special machines. Notable customers, which in this point we are not allowed to indicate, chose high reliability and quality of the SECKLER products. With the high long-life cycle of the systems, our 40 years of evolvement and the production history, we are not able to say where the systems have been resold. Therefor it cannot be excluded, that the SECKLER systems are operating in many other countries than we described here. If you want to know more about the SECKLER portfolio, don’t hesitate to call our sales engineers for an obligation-free consultation.