Always highly focused at work
– the engineering team of SECKLER.

A continuous enhancement
– the SECKLER story.

Celebrate with us – 40 years of SECKLER.

A big family, always at service for the customer
– the SECKLER team.

For treasure hunters – career at SECKLER.


1975 until 1979


Foundation of ROBERT SECKLER.

  • Commercial representation of automatic assembly machines and transfer machines for conveyor processing.
  • Engineering office (developments of special purpose machines).


The first workhead loader is taken successfully in operation.

1980 until 1989

1983 until 1986

Large order from TSCHUDIN for approximately 150 loading installations for the automatic production of gasoline injection-needles and body‘s EV1 for BOSCH Germany, USA and Spain.


Linkage of seven grinding machines with overhead gantries and 35 meters pallet conveyor installation with bar-coded workpiece carriers.


Five-axis-overhead gantry of surface for the watch industry.

First CAD workstation.

Foundation of own electrical and software departments.

1990 until 1999


Cooperation with STUDER.

  • Development of a cam controlled swivel arm loader for the ball bearing industry.
  • Seven installations for NIPPON DENSO.


Match grinding line BOSCH VE.

Wet deburring machine for BOSCH VE pistons.


Match grinding line for BOSCH VP44.

Integrations of robots.


Patent for four gripper revolving head.

2000 until 2009


Robert Seckler sells his business for reasons of age and ownership succession.


Introduction of ERP from iFAS.


Launch of the new modular handling cell SECKLER modulo with the control system PC SIEMENS.


Introduction of 3D-CAD.




2009 New Start SECKLER up this day


Back to the roots

On September 1st, 2009, shares of SECKLER AG are transferred through a Management-Buy-Out (MBO) from ixmation SECKLER systems. We start with 15 employees and focus on our core business.

Press release 2009:
Bieler Tagblatt - Wiedergeburt der SECKLER – DE


Successful partnership

Numerous existing customers of SECKLER AG actively helped in building up the company in the first year. The company has 20 employees by the end of the year. With high levels of commitment and confidence, the expanding team is on the road to success.


Stronger together

Customers, suppliers and employees work together, ensuring smooth processes and the highly successful implementation of all projects.

Introduction of ViFlow for our ISO processes.


Proven flexibility

With continuous highs and lows – a strong Swiss franc, changing market requirements, a weak economy and unbalanced use of capacity.


Always close to the wind

In this highly eventful year, the newly developed SECKLER paintero, a fully automated painting cell for extremely small parts, was positioned in a new market sector and attracted new customers.

5th appearance at the EMO in Hanover.


5 years reassembled

SECKLER AG now has 30 employees, is again well established and can be proud of the achieved.


40 years of SECKLER AG

With a business trip for our employees and some fair participations we celebrate our birthday.

Introduction of electronic archiving for e-mails and documents (DMS).

Launch of a new control system B&R Automation.

Development and delivery of an automatic sandblasting machine SECKLER sandero.

First appearance at EPJH in Geneva, the most important fair for high precision in the watch and jewellery industry as well as in the micro and medical technology.

6th appearance at the EMO in Milan.


SECKLER on tour!

It was a year filled with exhibition appearances, a year of getting to know each other, a year of new contacts.

The SECKLER AG has been present and set up at five exhibitions.


SECKLER has momentum!

SECKLER has passed the ISO-certification for the norm ISO 9001:2015.

And the differentiation strategy was noticeable – 2017 SECKLER is more broadly positioned.

Development and delivery of an automatic measuring and testing machine SECKLER mesuro.


SECKLER in full swing!

SECKLER was pleased about an exceptionally high order intake.

SECKLER builds also handling systems for your heavy parts up to 50 kg.


10 years after the MBO! 

Crazy how fast the last 10 years have gone by. We thank our employees for their loyalty and dedication.


The world is changing!

And poses major challenges to companies around the world.


Back to the new normality!

We were able to visit trade fairs again, encounter clients and generate interesting orders.

Participation at the first GRINDINGHUB in Stuttgart in May 2022.


Just the normal madness!

Delivery bottlenecks, the Ukraine war, the energy crisis. In addition, we had to process a major loss in our management team and miss Jürg Ballif very much.