Seckler paintero – the flexible
paint booth for your valuable items.

SECKLER paintero – highly flexible in painting
of small parts in various forms.

SECKLER paintero – better process control by optimal material coating
and reduction of the consumption of color and solvent.

SECKLER paintero – highly and repeatable quality
of the desired layer thickness by flexible parameters.

SECKLER paintero – excellent coating results
by differentiated sprays with less overspray and turbulences.

Flexible painting booth – SECKLER paintero.

The proven product range SECKLER robomation has been extended by another application. The painting robot cell SECKLER paintero meets your modern quality standards and increases the efficiency of your painting processes.

  • High flexibility – With a user-friendly programming system, the SECKLER paintero is suitable for the painting of small parts in various shapes and forms
  • Better process control – Pinpoint control reduces the consumption of paint and solvents
  • High quality and repeatability – The desired layer thickness is achieved with flexible parameters
  • Excellent coating results – The low kinetic energy of the particle color makes for a very sophisticated spray jet with little overspray and turbulences

SECKLER paintero Video

Painting at its finest. With SECKLER paintero. From SECKLER.

Areas of application

  • Automotive (interior parts)
  • Watches/Jewelry
  • Consumer Goods
  • Household appliances

Spray gun in paint booth
(picture above left)

  • Overhead laminar flow with filter
  • Underneath filter with extraction
  • Pallet fixture during painting
  • Single-head or dual-head spray guns available
  • Spray guns are based on HVLP (High Volume/Low Pressure) technology
  • Optional replaceable jets with various nozzle clearances are available

(picture above right)

In addition to painting, the SECKLER paintero also does the following tasks:

  • Palletizing
  • Ionizing
  • Cleaning

Gun Cleaning Station
(picture bottom left)

Discharge of the material hose before the color change, flush the gun with solvent and brush the nozzle.

Automatic tool changer
(picture bottom right)

From the pallet gripper to spray gun or vice versa.

Color changing

Up to fi ve color tanks and one container of solvent are available. The color tanks are equipped with automatic stirring. A color change valve block ensures short color change times.

Workpiece storage

The workpieces that need to be painted are on pallets. Delivery and storage of pallets are done with two trolleys.

Flexible control with visualization.

SECKLER paintero software adjacent allows control of the painting parameters.

By setting these parameters, the robot program is automatically configured. No robot skills are necessary. Painting parameters can be changed during production. Existing recipes can be easily picked up from the CSV file server or stored on the server.

  • Atomizing air volume
  • Jet width (air shape)
  • Material pressure and dosing of the amount
  • Number of layers
  • Drying time between coats
  • Circular or linear movement
  • Number of lanes or number of circles
  • Color change
  • Setting distance of the spray gun
  • Angle of the spray gun